5 Beginner Workout Tips

By following these simple beginner workout tips you will improve the effectiveness of your weight training routine.

1. Find A Training Partner

I believe the most important thing you should do when starting a new workout routine is to find a good training partner. You are going to see faster results if somebody is there to help motivate you, correct your form and break you of any bad habits you don’t notice you had (and you for them).

2. Limit Your Workouts

You should keep your workout times to about 30 to 45 minutes a day, and your total sets at 15 to 20. What, that’s not long enough? After 30 to 45 minutes your energy and mental levels begin to drop, so going beyond that could be a waste of time and effort.

3. Track Your Progress

You should continually track your progress with a training journal. If you are truly trying to gain muscle strength than I strongly suggest you keep a workout journal in conjunction with your Progressive overload weight training. Tracking your progress will also give you more motivation.

4. Mix It Up A Little Bit

You should change your workout program every 3 to 4 weeks to avoid burn out. If your body is to be at a consent muscle building state, rotating your program is key. For example, If this is a 10 exercise program then in month one use 1 up to 10, month two use 10 down to 1, month three use 5-4-6-3-7-2-8-1-9, then start over.

5. Sleep

Sleeping is the easiest (and my favorite)way for muscle building. Yes I said sleep. when you sleep you recover and when you recover you grow. You need to reserve at least 8 hours a day (I prefer 10) for sleep. Don’t be afraid to take a nap if you find the time. Please don’t waste your efforts and potential by a simple lack of sleep.

Prison Workout For Better Muscles

As long as there have been prisoners, there have been prison workouts. As common to correctional facilities as beating up the new guy on the first day and avoiding dropped soap, prisoners have been building better muscles in confined spaces. Here are some reasons why the Prison Workout works:

1) Unlimited Time – Time is the only thing you have. You can spend four hours building better muscles because you’ve got nothing else to do!

2) Confined Space – In prison, ambivalence and indecisiveness do not exist. You can’t perseverate on whether or not to hit the gym or run the beach. You’re already at the gym, and you can never leave.

3) Creativity Required – with no equipment and no open space for running, it’s just you in a room, face to face with your potential.

4) You are the Steppenwolfe – A lone soldier, a man on a mission of fitness. Better muscles and a haunted past, what more is a lady looking for?

So the prison workout has its perks, but most of us don’t want to commit crimes and go to jail simply for the benefit of better muscles. Not to fear, the prison workout has many practical applications in the real world. This is a guide that uses the concepts of the prison workout to create a fitness routine you can practice in the confines of your bedroom.

The Burpee

Get ready for some pain. The burpee is a staple of the prison workout. Do 20 descending sets and you’ll have better muscles in no time. Here’s the process:

From a standing position, drop to a squat. Place your hands on the floor and spring back to a push up position. Do the push up. Jump back to a squat and then spring up into the air bringing your knees up to your chest. Do this 20 times. Take a breather then do 19 more. Then do 18, then 17, and so on. You’ll feel the prison workout burn.

Upper Body

The Card Game – This prison workout challenge requires a deck of playing cards and a hat. Sit across the room from the hat and flip cards toward it. Any time you miss and a card lands face up, do as many push ups as the card reads (face cards are 10). Work your way through a whole deck and you’ll be working your way to some serious ripped abs and pectorals. And remember to keep your body level, no butts in the air (especially for actual prisoners).

Tricep Prison Workout – This is a simple dip. Place your hands on a chair, bed, or sink, and dip your body toward the ground.

Lower Body

Squat Leap – This is basically a burpee without the push up. Do a squat and spring upward. This works the quads.

Jump Lunge – Lower your body into a lunge position, weight on the bent leg with the other leg stabilizing behind. Jump into the air and switch the position of your feet. Repeat as fast as possible.


The Prisoner’s Plank – Drop to a push up position, body rigid and straight. Now hold this position for three minutes. It’s not so easy unless you’ve got washboard abs.

For the Extreme Prisoner

Handstand Push-ups – You may have seen Nick Cage squeezing these out in Con-Air. The concept is simple, Do a handstand-you can brace your feet against a wall for support-then lower your head to the floor and push back upwards. You will build better triceps and shoulder muscles.

The Wall Squat – Back against a wall, lower your body until your upper and lower legs form a 90 degree angle. Hold this position as long as you can. Sounds simple? Try it for 5 minutes. That’s the prison workout way.

The prison workout fits perfectly into the Primal Blueprint, a health plan designed to maximize strength and good nutrition for those looking for simpler, natural alternatives to health in the modern world.

Pre and Post Workout Strategies for Kettlebell Training

Pre and post workout nutrition strategies for kettlebell training

The right nutrition plan and timings of your food or supplements before and after your workouts are some very important components to think about when kettlebell training. This article will shed some light on these key factors and it will discuss some nutrition guidelines, so that you hit the ground running when are performing your kettlebell workout. Plus it will enable you to recover effectively. A key point to consider is that an excellent workout is always planned in the kitchen even before you even step foot into the gym.

If you don’t have the right nutritional strategy for your kettlebell regime; then you are doing yourself an injustice when it comes to you achieving your goals. If you are working out when you are in a starved state, you will not have enough energy for you to maximise your fitness gains. If you are exercising for a long duration without eating, you are limiting your body’s ability to burn calories and to sustain the intensity of the kettlebell workout. In addition, if you don’t feed your muscles and restock your energy stores after exercise, you will not have the essential recovery tools in your armoury.

What should you eat before your session?

As mentioned previously the main aim of the pre workout nutrition plan is to start the kettlebell session in a fed state and to ensure that all of the foods that you have eaten have been digested and absorbed properly. The last thing that you want to do is eat a meal that is very high in slow acting proteins and fats, because they take longer to digest and they can make you feel sluggish and zap you of your energy. When you eat, the blood is redirected to the digestive system to help with the breakdown of foods. This essentially takes away the blood from the skeletal muscles; thus reduces the oxygen supply and waste removal when exercising. So the kettlebell session will be much harder work when you have eaten a meal which is high in fats and proteins. More often than not stomach ache is attached to this scenario when training.

To ensure that you are full of energy when you perform you kettlebell session, eat a meal that is roughly 300-500 calories, high in fast acting carbs and proteins, 2 hours before you begin the session. Try consuming a small bowl of porridge, whole meal cereal or even a small yam or sweet potato as these are a good example of some fast acting carbs. If you have to eat 5-10 minutes before you workout then consume half a banana or a small spoonful of peanut butter along with a small handful of almonds.

Staying hydrated is essential for kettlebell athletes because without proper hydration your body will find it harder to deliver the nutrients to the muscles, along with oxygen and water to the cells. This will decrease your energy levels and it will make the session a lot harder. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water per day but don’t over do it before your workout because you will feel bloated and sluggish. A good strategy is for you to drink your water intake gradually and continuously before you begin your workout!

In terms of supplements you can drink a whey protein shake that is high in branched chain amino acids 1 hour before you train, as this will ensure the following:

· They are a catalyst for muscle protein synthesis and then it binds together the muscle amino acids to create a stronger muscle infra-structure

· They boost insulin levels to facilitate an anabolic environment during protein synthesis. This mechanism enables the right balance of nutrition, hormones and metabolic actions that are essential for you to create muscle and burning fat

· They enhance human growth hormone levels and decrease the stress hormone’s (cortisol) levels. Cortisol is a hormone that breaks down muscle tissue to be used as body fuel. This is very bad news for muscle building and weight loss.

A post workout nutrition strategy

The supplement intake post exercise is very important for aiding recovery along with growth and repair. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAS) are again an excellent choice to consume post exercise; the question is why?

Well, BCAAs are broken down quickly and used in the working muscle effectively because they by-pass the liver. It is this process within the body that stops muscle soreness after you exercise because it blocks muscle damage and increases muscle growth and repair. Plus, it increases insulin levels post exercise and this induces an anabolic environment which is a primary factor in muscle growth and repair.

They should be consumed within 45 minutes of stopping your session and this is a very important timeframe as enzymes and hormones are actively repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue, as well as restocking your glycogen stores. This makes your muscle tissues very susceptible to the nutrients and building muscle hormones. You should be using a simple carb such as maltodexrin because it raises your insulin levels and this will drives the amino acids into the muscle tissue. This will also increase your glycogen stores and add a banana or an orange to boost your lost electrolyte levels, as this will further your recovery.

The latest studies in 2014 state that BCAA’s cannot be absorbed without the assistance of Whey Protein. Previously we have been consuming BCAAs throughout the day to further enhance recovery. This could be doing more damage than good. Find a good Whey Protein with BCAAs.

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Always seek medical advice before embarking on any nutritional or exercise program.

Ectomorph Workout – The Ectomorph Workout That Helps Skinny Guys Gain Mass

If you find it hard to pack on weight and muscle, or have a naturally slight frame with long slender muscles, then you are more than likely the classic ectomorph – or “hardgainer”, in bodybuilding jargon.

Don’t worry though, it is suggested that between 60-85% of folks fall into the ectomorph category, which is also why a lot of folks get frustrated when performing workouts at the gym. You see, most of what you read in the bodybuilding magazines is not ideal for the ectomorph and hardgainer. So what happens is folks follow the workouts in the magazines not realising that they’re often hampering and delaying their success.

So if we can’t trust the magazines to give us a great ectomorph workout, then what can we do?

Well, the good news is that the ideal ectomorph workout doesn’t require you to train 5 or 6 days a week, nor does it require you to spend hours every day. You should be able to complete the ectomorph workout within an hour or so.

There’s no need to spend hours every day focusing on one body part like some workouts…you know the kind that go…Monday is Chest Day, Tuesday is Back Day, Wednesday is Legs Day…etc. What these kinds of workouts do is get you to expend 60-80% effort through the whole workout, because 100% effort would result in exhaustion before you finish. That doesn’t make much sense.

They also cause you to workout each muscle group only once per week, whereas 3 good all-body ectomorph workouts per week would result in 3 times the muscle growth and development.

The ectomorph workout will look to build multiple muscle groups simultaneously, therefore the ectomorph workout focuses on the classic “big basic” exercises of


Bench Press,


Bicep Curls,

Bent Over Rows

Woodchoppers, etc.

Remember we want functionality as well as growth. These big basic exercises help you to develop a great total body physique, rather than isolating biceps, or pecs or whatever.

Less Is More – what I mean is that in your ectomorph workout, you want to focus on high quality reps (between 8-12) and low numbers of sets (between 1-3). Anyone who tells you to do 6 sets of 12 reps is not giving you good advice for an ectomorph workout. If you’re able to do 6 sets of 12 reps on an exercise then you’re not putting out enough effort. Gaining muscle mass for the ectomorph comes from high-intensity low-volume training – i.e. 100% effort on less sets.

Eat Big To Get Big – eating well and consuming the right amount of calories is the biggest stumbling block an ectomorph faces in their workouts and ability to gain mass. The recommended daily calorie intake for a person is between 2000 – 2500. However, many ectomorphs see this and think that this applies to them too. BIG mistake! Weight gain and weight loss is all about caloric deficits – simply put, to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume, and to gain weight you need to consume more calories than you burn .