Ectomorph Workout – The Ectomorph Workout That Helps Skinny Guys Gain Mass

If you find it hard to pack on weight and muscle, or have a naturally slight frame with long slender muscles, then you are more than likely the classic ectomorph – or “hardgainer”, in bodybuilding jargon.

Don’t worry though, it is suggested that between 60-85% of folks fall into the ectomorph category, which is also why a lot of folks get frustrated when performing workouts at the gym. You see, most of what you read in the bodybuilding magazines is not ideal for the ectomorph and hardgainer. So what happens is folks follow the workouts in the magazines not realising that they’re often hampering and delaying their success.

So if we can’t trust the magazines to give us a great ectomorph workout, then what can we do?

Well, the good news is that the ideal ectomorph workout doesn’t require you to train 5 or 6 days a week, nor does it require you to spend hours every day. You should be able to complete the ectomorph workout within an hour or so.

There’s no need to spend hours every day focusing on one body part like some workouts…you know the kind that go…Monday is Chest Day, Tuesday is Back Day, Wednesday is Legs Day…etc. What these kinds of workouts do is get you to expend 60-80% effort through the whole workout, because 100% effort would result in exhaustion before you finish. That doesn’t make much sense.

They also cause you to workout each muscle group only once per week, whereas 3 good all-body ectomorph workouts per week would result in 3 times the muscle growth and development.

The ectomorph workout will look to build multiple muscle groups simultaneously, therefore the ectomorph workout focuses on the classic “big basic” exercises of


Bench Press,


Bicep Curls,

Bent Over Rows

Woodchoppers, etc.

Remember we want functionality as well as growth. These big basic exercises help you to develop a great total body physique, rather than isolating biceps, or pecs or whatever.

Less Is More – what I mean is that in your ectomorph workout, you want to focus on high quality reps (between 8-12) and low numbers of sets (between 1-3). Anyone who tells you to do 6 sets of 12 reps is not giving you good advice for an ectomorph workout. If you’re able to do 6 sets of 12 reps on an exercise then you’re not putting out enough effort. Gaining muscle mass for the ectomorph comes from high-intensity low-volume training – i.e. 100% effort on less sets.

Eat Big To Get Big – eating well and consuming the right amount of calories is the biggest stumbling block an ectomorph faces in their workouts and ability to gain mass. The recommended daily calorie intake for a person is between 2000 – 2500. However, many ectomorphs see this and think that this applies to them too. BIG mistake! Weight gain and weight loss is all about caloric deficits – simply put, to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume, and to gain weight you need to consume more calories than you burn .

Glutamine – The Smart Choice For Skinny Guys Who Want to Gain Muscle Mass?

If you are one of those guys who religiously read the muscle magazines for the latest “edge” for bodybuilding… then I have some sad, sad news for you concerning Glutamine…

But before I rock your boat… you are definitely gonna see “Glutamine” on the top 5 list of supplements that are must haves for bodybuilders — in every issue of the bodybuilding and muscle magazines.

And why not? Glutamine is a money maker for them.

But does Glutamine actually deliver? I don’t think so…

And I think you are better served if you stick with the basic supplements of creatine, protein powder, multi-vitamins and fish oil capsules. And speaking as a skinny guy with a budget… I truly believe you are just wasting money on glutamine.

I don’t think Glutamine has any effect at all on your muscle building efforts. But that is just me…

Here is the down and dirty story of Glutamine…

You see, glutamine makes up about 66% of the amino acids in our bodies… and guess what? Your body makes it so it doesn’t need any external input… and yes… when you are working out… the amino acid reserve in our muscles get depleted…

And I guess this is where the theory that you must replenish your glutamine levels comes in…

But… there is NO research that can show evidence of the benefits of taking glutamines. Especially for skinny guys like you and me.

And users of Glutamine are probably spend over $1000 a year in the misguided belief that it is helping their muscle building workouts.

If taking Glutamine does have any positive effects… it would only be for certain conditions and situations… but otherwise a huge waste of money that you can redirect into buying better quality foods to help you gain weight.