Should I Do Full Body Workouts Or Body Part Splits?

This is a question that many people in a fitness program ask themselves and it is a very valid question. If you Google this topic, you will likely see a variety of answers for both sides as to which is better. Truth is, the real answer is… IT DEPENDS!!! Both are very valid strategies and both have their pros and cons. I have also gotten results with clients using both strategies but how to decide which to do can be a tough proposition. Here is a breakdown that can help guide you to your decision:

You should do a full body workout if:

You are brand new to working out

For those who are new to working out or are starting back after a very long break, full body is best. Your muscular endurance is low and needs to be built back up. Most people will see plenty of results in the first 2-4 weeks with just 1-2 exercises per muscle group.

You are inconsistent in following workout plans

The last you want to do when doing any sort of fitness program is to create muscle imbalances due to inconsistent training. If you start out with body part splits (Chest/Triceps one day, Legs next, etc… ) and you start missing workouts, you put yourself at risk of developing muscular imbalances since not all of your muscle groups are being trained the same. For example, if you train your chest every week but forget to train your back, you are likely to develop postural issues which can lead to stagnation in progress and even injury.

Looking for a simple, quick way to work your full body each time you workout

Most people like the feeling of being efficient with their time when in the gym as they have busy lives and workout times are at a premium. There are many ways to do full body workouts and provides plenty of variety for most people.

Only have 2-3 days per week to commit to resistance training

Similar to above if you only have 2 to 3 days per week to commit to resistance training then full body is best. While it is possible to do body part splits in 3 days, it is more beneficial to work your whole body 3 times over the course of a week instead of just once per week.

You should do body part splits if:

You want to resistance train 3-5 times per week

If you are like me, you enjoy lifting weight and like to do so most days of the week. Body part splits are a great way to break up muscle groups over the course of 3-5 days and really focus on 1 or 2 muscle groups at a time.

You want to focus on only a few muscle groups each workout

Once you have been working out for a while, you may decide that your muscle groups need more attention that just 1 exercise per workout. In body part split workouts, you will do 2-6 exercises per muscle group depending on what muscle group or groups you are working.

You have been working out consistently and have stuck to a plan for longer than 3 months

If you have been consistent enough for 3 months (consistent meaning working out at least 4-5 days/week every week) then you most likely have the discipline to start doing body part split workouts. It is extremely important that you possess this discipline because if you don’t, then you are at greater risk of developing muscular imbalances from missed workouts.

As you can see, there is no right or wrong with these styles, it’s a matter of which fits you best. Some people jump back and forth between full body workouts and body part splits, which can be a great way to really switch up your fitness program and jumpstart your results.

Women’s Fitness Central – 3 Key Concepts For Body Shaping Women Must Apply to Achieve Their Goal

In an attempt to get fit, reshape your body, and meet your goals, there are key components in your womens fitness program that need to be applied.  Unfortunately, most of the myths we hear about today go against these basic concepts.  However, despite the misconceptions that have been passed down through the generations, the 3 components of body shaping women need to apply to get the body shape you want are listed below.

But before covering the 3 key components, it’s important to realize that in body shaping women need to find a program that allow two things to occur.  One is that you add muscle.  The second is that you lose fat.  The two activities go hand in hand and your results will be minimized if one action is achieved and the other is not.  If you just lose fat and do not do anything to increase muscle, essentially you get the benefit of the bean pole look and that doesn’t offer much shape to your figure.  (Of course you could then be the lucky one called on frequently to squeeze into tight confined spaces.)  If you build muscle but don’t lose fat, then you can enjoy the sumo wrestler appearance.  And well…in picturing that shape, I personally do want to look in the mirror and see a marshmallow staring back at me.  Remembering the concepts below will help you avoid this fate.

  • Lift heavy weight – Most women when asked about their goals always state that they want to get toned but don’t want to bulk up.  Here is the good news…women don’t bulk up.  It takes extreme concentrated effort, very specific targeted training, and typically illegal supplementation (IE: steroids) for a women to actually gain any muscle bulk.  Now this is not to say that you won’t build muscle because that is the purpose of resistance training.  However, the extent to which you build that muscle is limited.  Besides, if you are looking to do a little body shaping women need to add a little muscle as part of that.  So lift the weight, push yourself, and see how heavy you can go.   
  • High intensity cardio – There’s a deceitful little button on most cardio machines that’s labeled “fat burning mode”.  It’s deceitful because its label implies that by working out in that mode you are actually accomplishing a lot more than you really are.  It’s a nice easy pace with little effort.    The truth is that it takes 2 to 3 times longer to burn the same amount of calories using the fat burning mode as it does when you work out at a moderately high intensity for 30 minutes.  If you want to make cardio exercise worth your time and get some real benefit from your work, you need to put in some effort…push yourself, elevate the intensity, raise your heart rate, and above all AVOID the fat burning mode. 
  • You can’t out train your diet – The bottom line to any womens fitness program is that the diet plays the biggest role in body shaping women.  And for any significant changes to occur, calories need to be cut.  Although most of the time I wish there was another way, the truth is that you have to makes changes in your nutrition habits and reduce your caloric intake.  Maintaining your same habits in taking calories into your body and continually attempting to add more time to your workout to cause a caloric deficit may have some very short term benefits.  But in the long run, your time, energy, or body will run out long before your goal is reached.  Consider this; to work off the extra slice of cheese pizza you had at lunch, you’ll have to run on the treadmill for an extra ½ hour at a moderately hard pace.  Now I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to have to spend any more time exercising than I have to.  Keeping that in mind, I personally think twice about whether I really want or need that second slice. 

Apply these keys in your women’s fitness program to start your body shaping women. Working with these concepts will have your body refined and redesigned in no time. 

How to Get Washboard Abs – Understanding The Body Physiology and Exercises For Better Results

About Washboard Abs

‘Washboard abs’ is a term term has developed in the recent years and signifies the cuts and shape of a rugged abdomen. It means that the abs are so worked out that these six pack can actually be used to wash clothes on them just like a washboard. Comparisons apart, the fact is that everybody nowadays is interested in learning how to get washboard abs. The good news is that these abdominal muscles are already present in all of us. The bad news is that they are covered by layers and layers of fat.

Now, anybody who knows how to get washboard abs, will tell you that it is the fat that needs to be done away with at first, in order to achieve a set of six-pack and the real is question is how. There are a lot of commercials that tell you about various kinds of contraptions and belts that can do the work for you. However, when you are aware that, in the first place, their appearance was due to your laziness, your efforts are now going to concentrate on removing these tires from the belly. Exercises and diets apart, it is also necessary to know what you are doing and how it is going to affect your body.

Understand Your Body

Before you can go ahead and understand how to get washboard abs, you need to comprehend the structure of your body. While most people do not want to accept it, insufficient physiological knowledge coupled with the wrong notion about exercises has landed many into the vicious circle of empty promises made by a majority of exercise equipment manufacturers and online programs. The abdominal muscles are a set of three different muscle groups known as the upper, lower, and the oblique. Hence, it is necessary to concentrate your effort on each part separately to yield appropriate results.

The absolute ignorance about the exact extent of the so-called abdominal muscles is another factor of contention. While a six-pack is visible in the front, its existence is a reminder of the presence of an equally strong muscular area at the back, just above the hip region. Hence, if you want to learn how to get washboard abs, and retain them, you will have to look at exercising these hip regions also.

Complete Exercises

The answer to washboard abs is not doing routines specific to this region alone. Instead, it is about working over the body generally in order to get the right results. The fact is that your abdomen is the one place where flab can be seen due to the lack of any structural bones, as in the case of the pelvic or the ribs’ region. However, that does not mean that all fat depositions take place exclusively in this region. Therefore, the only plausible solution to removing the flab from the abdomen in your quest for washboard abs, is to undertake a holistic regime that targets all parts of your body.

Hence, the whole outlook on getting washboard abs, must be based on exercises that first increase your stamina, and then your strength. The stamina increasing routines will further help you in your endeavor to add strength to certain areas by increasing your cardiovascular output to match the kind of efforts necessary to get a six-pack. The strength exercises done for various parts of the body will ensure that you do not loose only fats but also make up that area with some pumped up muscles.

2 Key Components to Build Muscle, Lose Fat and Favorably Alter Body Composition

A person’s dietary intake and physical activity levels are the major determining factors of body composition change goals like how to gain muscle and lose fat fast. A common mistake is to focus too much on one of these particular aspects body transformation, to the exclusion of the other. People that have successfully and quickly lost weight, built muscle and transformed the composition of their bodies know that for best results, a weight loss program or muscle building program should give equal focus to diet and physical activity.

Unfortunately, there is an abundance of misinformation surrounding body transformation and body composition change out there. Most people get their physical fitness and fat loss information from media like television, newspapers, magazines and websites.

If one is serious about losing weight and building lean muscle as quickly as possible, without any detrimental health effects, it’s necessary to possess a core knowledge of nutrition and physical fitness principles.

Of foremost concern, before starting your weight loss or muscle building program, should be your current state of health and nutrition profile. If you have a disease that is effected by a nutrition or you have a nutrition issue that is complex in nature, you should seek the counsel of a nutrition professional like a registered dietitian or nutritionist.


Before deciding how and what to change, regarding your exercise program and diet, you need to know what your current state of health is in these areas. A complete assessment should always be performed before starting, not only to make sure that you are in good health but also to accurately gauge your improvement potential over time.

There are many forms of assessment you can use as a foundation, before starting your program.

Some dietary forms of assessment include anthropocentric, biochemical and clinical examination. Some physical activity assessments include the push up test, step test and treadmill testing.

The fast way to lose weight and of utmost importance, is the initial current dietary intake data gathering. Before useful weight loss actions can be implemented, you must know where you stand nutritionally – what your current dietary intake looks like.

There are several ways of determining this information.

Three of the more popular methods gathering dietary assessment data include dietary recall, diet history and three day diet records.

Those valid of the three methods is universally thought to be the three day diet record. For best results the more precise the recording and analysis is, the better the weight loss results will also be.