Lasting Effects With Deer Antler Velvet Bodybuilding Supplements

The Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-2) is one of the best health discoveries that have helped humans in combating diseases and problems such as anti-ageing. This element contains over 70 amino acids that help to delay the ageing process and take care of other ailments simultaneously. Deer antlers contain this substance and it has been proved that they work as wonderfully natural sources of essential minerals and work as building blocks. Many health benefits have been known to benefit people of all ages when they take deer antler velvet bodybuilding supplements to build their body and improve their physique.

Cell growth:

Natural extract from the deer antlers are available in the form of capsules, tablets, pills and spray products. IGF-1 has the power of promoting the growth of cells exponentially. The good news is that it is found in deer antlers and used effectively for body building and building muscle tissues. Deer antlers are renowned for growing the fastest tissues around the globe. In early days, the extract was only used in Oriental medicine and recently the world has become aware of the powerful effects of this natural health supplement.

Research and tests on the subject indicate that deer antlers work positively for humans. Manufacturers are vying with each other to use these supplements and make them fit for human consumptions to improve the levels of IGF-12 in the body. Many athletes and bodybuilders report satisfactory growth effects when taking these supplements.

How effective is IGF-1 Versus Steroids?

There is a distinct difference between steroids and IGF-1. IGF-1 is a hormone consisting of polypeptide proteins that is generally present in individuals from the time they are in their childhood. The levels decrease as they advance in age and this brings about undesirable effects and symptoms which hasten the ageing process. It is important to consume this supplement in order to maintain a youthful look. Many people who start advancing in age quickly resort to taking these supplements. The other users are athletes and bodybuilders.

The most reliable sources of IGF-1 are deer antler velvet bodybuilding supplements for promoting muscle growth. Many bodybuilders take these supplements to improve and strengthen their muscles. Many football players and boxers have used them to advantage. Muscles are stimulated and grow naturally as the supplements provide them twice the power. Injections and steroids cause more adverse reactions than natural extracts.

AntlerX for bodybuilding:

Bodybuilders and athletes take AntlerX regularly as this has become a popular supplement that works wonders for them. Their muscles grow and feel stronger as it contains large amounts of IGF-1. Injections and steroids may offer the same results but they are not recommended as they cause adverse side reactions which are not safe and prove dangerous to the body. Natural supplements such as AntlerX are known to be safe as the formulation does not give rise to any harmful effects. On the other hand the deer antler velvet bodybuilding extract promotes natural growth and fights to maintain the hormone balance. These supplements can be taken by elderly people as well bodybuilders and athletes as it has many good effects on the body.

Pre and Post Workout Strategies for Kettlebell Training

Pre and post workout nutrition strategies for kettlebell training

The right nutrition plan and timings of your food or supplements before and after your workouts are some very important components to think about when kettlebell training. This article will shed some light on these key factors and it will discuss some nutrition guidelines, so that you hit the ground running when are performing your kettlebell workout. Plus it will enable you to recover effectively. A key point to consider is that an excellent workout is always planned in the kitchen even before you even step foot into the gym.

If you don’t have the right nutritional strategy for your kettlebell regime; then you are doing yourself an injustice when it comes to you achieving your goals. If you are working out when you are in a starved state, you will not have enough energy for you to maximise your fitness gains. If you are exercising for a long duration without eating, you are limiting your body’s ability to burn calories and to sustain the intensity of the kettlebell workout. In addition, if you don’t feed your muscles and restock your energy stores after exercise, you will not have the essential recovery tools in your armoury.

What should you eat before your session?

As mentioned previously the main aim of the pre workout nutrition plan is to start the kettlebell session in a fed state and to ensure that all of the foods that you have eaten have been digested and absorbed properly. The last thing that you want to do is eat a meal that is very high in slow acting proteins and fats, because they take longer to digest and they can make you feel sluggish and zap you of your energy. When you eat, the blood is redirected to the digestive system to help with the breakdown of foods. This essentially takes away the blood from the skeletal muscles; thus reduces the oxygen supply and waste removal when exercising. So the kettlebell session will be much harder work when you have eaten a meal which is high in fats and proteins. More often than not stomach ache is attached to this scenario when training.

To ensure that you are full of energy when you perform you kettlebell session, eat a meal that is roughly 300-500 calories, high in fast acting carbs and proteins, 2 hours before you begin the session. Try consuming a small bowl of porridge, whole meal cereal or even a small yam or sweet potato as these are a good example of some fast acting carbs. If you have to eat 5-10 minutes before you workout then consume half a banana or a small spoonful of peanut butter along with a small handful of almonds.

Staying hydrated is essential for kettlebell athletes because without proper hydration your body will find it harder to deliver the nutrients to the muscles, along with oxygen and water to the cells. This will decrease your energy levels and it will make the session a lot harder. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water per day but don’t over do it before your workout because you will feel bloated and sluggish. A good strategy is for you to drink your water intake gradually and continuously before you begin your workout!

In terms of supplements you can drink a whey protein shake that is high in branched chain amino acids 1 hour before you train, as this will ensure the following:

· They are a catalyst for muscle protein synthesis and then it binds together the muscle amino acids to create a stronger muscle infra-structure

· They boost insulin levels to facilitate an anabolic environment during protein synthesis. This mechanism enables the right balance of nutrition, hormones and metabolic actions that are essential for you to create muscle and burning fat

· They enhance human growth hormone levels and decrease the stress hormone’s (cortisol) levels. Cortisol is a hormone that breaks down muscle tissue to be used as body fuel. This is very bad news for muscle building and weight loss.

A post workout nutrition strategy

The supplement intake post exercise is very important for aiding recovery along with growth and repair. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAS) are again an excellent choice to consume post exercise; the question is why?

Well, BCAAs are broken down quickly and used in the working muscle effectively because they by-pass the liver. It is this process within the body that stops muscle soreness after you exercise because it blocks muscle damage and increases muscle growth and repair. Plus, it increases insulin levels post exercise and this induces an anabolic environment which is a primary factor in muscle growth and repair.

They should be consumed within 45 minutes of stopping your session and this is a very important timeframe as enzymes and hormones are actively repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue, as well as restocking your glycogen stores. This makes your muscle tissues very susceptible to the nutrients and building muscle hormones. You should be using a simple carb such as maltodexrin because it raises your insulin levels and this will drives the amino acids into the muscle tissue. This will also increase your glycogen stores and add a banana or an orange to boost your lost electrolyte levels, as this will further your recovery.

The latest studies in 2014 state that BCAA’s cannot be absorbed without the assistance of Whey Protein. Previously we have been consuming BCAAs throughout the day to further enhance recovery. This could be doing more damage than good. Find a good Whey Protein with BCAAs.

Zinging Zynga

Zinged – to be criticized in a pointed manner (Webster’s online dictionary)

There’s lot’s of zinging going on at Zynga headquarters lately. And it reminded me of when I was fresh out of college and got involved in a cutthroat Scrabble® Club. (My wife and kids still ridicule me for being a nerd). Decades later I was excited to sign up for Zynga’s “Words With Friends” game – essentially an online version of Scrabble®.

I admit that I got hooked all over again. (In February I was playing with a friends in San Francisco, Colorado and my hometown of Charleston while on while on Safari in Africa).

Which brings me – albeit – longwinded to today’s topic: What happens when your business has weak business muscles? What happens when a fast growth company doesn’t have a Strong Business Core and gets wounded? Can it gather itself and bounce back off the mat and answer the bell for the second round? What is in store for a company when its core is out of whack with it business model?

A harsh truth of markets is that businesses only have a certain life span. And they are generally measured in single digits, not decades. Very few businesses can ‘get off the mat’ and get to a second round if they have taken too many body blows.

Does this sound like Zynga to you? I can tell you with an abundance of certainty that Zynga will not be in existence in 5 years let alone 10 years unless it begins to build essential business muscle.

As AllthingsD’s Kara Swisher recently commented

Zynga was optimized to rule one very specific niche-the desktop Facebook game-at a particular moment in time. When the ground shifted, its foundations crumbled. You see – The real news here is not that the company is dying, but that its inner zombie is still in control, gamely attempting to adapt an antiquated business model to a medium for which it wasn’t built.

Business velocity, especially in the online world, is at an all time high and increasing rapidly. A business like Zynga must have internal mechanisms to change quickly and adeptly to serious dynamic changes in the market. It must develop strong business muscle quicker than ever before.

So what do I mean by Business Muscle and a strong Business Core?

Simple put they are the essential added value processes, products, assets and intellectual property that generate long-term business viability. That is what is required for an acceptable return on investment. Focusing on these core items builds ‘muscle’ similar to working out in a gym. More muscle equates to more stamina and strength.

In a business context it equates to having the wherewithal to withstand the valleys and downturns of business cycles. A business core is the combination of internal human assets, intellectual property, finances and organization to help the company stick around long enough to yield a good return for its shareholders.

So let’s turn our attention to Zynga. What kind of muscle should they have been building?

  • Build up Cash reserves and create positive cash flow. Is that not the “ABC ‘s” of any company? You can’t burn through cash indefinitely. Even online startups have to generate positive cash flow eventually. Not all of them are going to be purchased before this happens.

What happened at Znyga? They blew through cash in acquiring OMG and kept a bloated staff for much too long.

This is sign of weak financial and accounting muscle.

  • Building a business model that is based on getting people to pay willingly for the company’s products. An unlimited Freemium version with little incentive to switch to a paid version is not a sign of strong business ‘sales’ muscle.

Reliance on Freemiums is a sign of very weak sales muscle that denotes lack of confidence in the real value proposition of the company.

  • Create a foundational base for the company (company’s products or services) that is quickly adaptable to changes in online usage (computer versus mobile devices)

Zynga exhibited weak business muscle by hitching itself too long to Facebook.

Basing your business on someone else’s muscle if super dangerous.

  • Have a full pipeline of new products and services. Understanding the ephemeral nature of games and entertainment would warrant a higher emphasis on this.

We live in a world of short-term attention spans. There is an consumer expectation of something new.

Zynga exhibited weak business muscle by reliance for too long and too heavily on two games – Farmville and Words with Friends.

  • Grow an organization that is not dependent on one or two ‘star’ players.

Zynga’s CEO and founder exerted ultimate control that often leads to laziness in the ranks. All ‘star’ players eventually have diminishing contributions. Building a business based on process versus personality is a stronger model.

The view that all businesses can and should continue forever into the future is a false one. Businesses are developed to maximize returns on investment. For most ventures this means being around long enough to convert human, financial and intellectual capital into added value. Without sufficient longevity this rarely happens. Without good business muscle this almost never happen.

Maybe the lesson is that companies built to capitalize on the fad of the moment should be constructed from the beginning to be small, lightweight and temporary, similar to a forward operating military base. Bare bones and ready to move on to the next deployment. That way, when the moment passes, they can fold up neatly and everyone can move on, rather than leaving wreckage strewn across the business and financial communities.

Maybe that’s how companies like Zynga will stop getting zinged.

Bodybuilding Workouts – 6 Tips To Keep in Mind

Are you looking for a good bodybuilding program? Most people find it hard to create their own bodybuilding workout plan for faster results. Basically, you have to set a plan as to how many times you should work out each week. Selecting the right exercises is another big task. But the six tips that we have given below may help you with this job.

1. Lift More Weight With Time

For bodybuilding, you need to gain muscle. And to gain muscle, you will have to keep adding weight to the bar. The principles you have set won’t matter if you don’t put more pressure on your muscles as time goes by. When you get stuck, you should go for other strategies like supersets and drop sets, to name a few. This will help you increase the potential of your body.

2. Don’t over-exhaust your muscle

Don’t fully exhaust your muscle or you will run into serious problems, such as your nervous system fatigue. Some people believe that growing muscle requires you to exhaust them. Of course, you should stretch your muscle by lifting heavier weights. Don’t cross the limits or you may cause an injury.

3. Focus On Compound Exercises

The third tip is to choose compound exercises. Remember: you can’t spend all day at the gym doing several exercises. You have to choose a set of exercises that will work the right muscle groups. Not doing so will not let you reach your full potential.

Most of your workout plan should include exercises that will stretch a minimum of two muscle groups in your body. For instance, the shoulder press will stretch your triceps and shoulders. On the other hand, squat will build your hamstrings and quads. Another important workout is bench press as it will work your chest, triceps, biceps and shoulders.

4. Feed Your body Before And After Workouts

Eat the right amount of food before and after each workout session. Your muscles need amino acids or carbohydrates to build new muscle tissues. If you don’t feed your body prior to doing your workouts, you won’t be able to see the results you want.

5. Avoid the Plateau

What would you do if you get in a plateau? At some point during your workout schedule, you may end up with a plateau. In case you don’t know, a plateau is a point where you see no progress for over two weeks.

The good news is that you can prevent the plateau. All you have to do is to keep changing something in your workout schedule. For instance, you can change the order of the exercises you do at the gym, or it could be a change in the type of workouts you do. This way you won’t get bored and keep seeing the progress you want.

6. Taking Rest is a Must

You can’t build muscles without taking enough rest. Your muscles need time to recover after each training session. Your muscle will gradually break down if you don’t let them unwind.

As a general rule, you may want to take 24 hours of rest after each weight lifting session. Aside from this, if you are cardio-minded, the rule doesn’t mean you should do an exhaustive cardio exercise for 45 minutes. In fact, this means you should rest your body for reaching its maximum potential.

So, follow these 6 tips and you will get stronger muscles before long.

The Importance of Muscle Mass While Aging

Muscle. Everything you do in life is directly related to muscle. Sitting, standing, walking and even breathing involves muscles. Without muscles you would not be able to pump blood through your veins and arteries. Without muscle we would cease to live.

From the time we are born until our mid- twenties, our bodies continue to grow and become stronger. But little do most people know, around age 25 we all start losing muscle through a process called sarcopenia. This loss of muscle mass can be attributed to many of the symptoms we relate to aging such as loss of balance and strength, loose skin, poor posture and inability to complete daily tasks.

While this is a natural process of aging, the good news is there are things we can do to allow this process to be dramatically slowed and possibly even reversed. Here are the ways to keep the muscle you have and maybe even add some:

1. Weight resistance training – training with weights could possibly be one of the most important factors in maintaining our muscle mass (and independence) as we age. Have you ever heard of the “use it or lose it” principle? Well your body uses that principle to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Somewhere in life we are taught that as we age that physical activity is less important and we ease into old age and sedentary habits. This is the opposite of what we should do! By training your muscles with resistance, your body will see it as a necessity for life and will do whatever it takes to hold on to it. Physical activity isn’t just for the young! It keeps you young!

2. Adequate protein intake – when you are consuming enough protein, your body will choose not to go after your muscles as a snack. If you are physically active (which everyone should be as covered in the first point), you should be aiming to consume around 1 gram per pound of your body weight. This will help maintain the muscle you have and also help your body to rebuild the muscle you use during your resistance training. It is important to note that it is essential get your protein from good sources like Organic chicken, fish, grass fed beef, eggs and undenatured grass fed whey protein.

3. Keep on running – cardiovascular health is something to not discount ever, but especially as you age. Keeping your heart, lungs, venous and arterial systems healthy will mean your body will keep blood and nutrients circulating your body to keep your various muscles fully functioning. And you don’t just have to run. You can walk, row, use an elliptical, stair climber or anything that raises your heart rate. Just get moving!

While it is important to exercise, it is equally important to know the safest way to exercise at all age groups, so be sure to speak to a fitness professional and get set on a program that will keep you healthy for years to come. Fitness professionals such as the personal trainers at MaxFit Studio are skilled in making exercising safe, fun and effective at any age!