Hasten Muscle Repair With L-Glutamine

How You Could Hasten Muscle Repair

We all know that exercising causes the muscles to become torn. Well, not torn apart because that would be dangerous, but the stress of the exercises causes small tears to appear in the muscle tissue. These tears then encourage a repair process. The muscle repair process will attempt to regenerate and add more muscle tissue to prevent the same tears from happening again.

If you look at it, then the entire bodybuilding experience is merely a way to develop a resistance to very heavy weights. The body does this by giving more muscles to the affected muscle group, thus increasing one’s strength. However, all of this are dependent on the body’s muscle repair process. For most people, the entire process requires at least 48 hours to complete. The repair process must be completed before one can work out that muscle group again, so for some – especially beginners – the process becomes detrimental to the rate of growth they want to achieve.

The good news is, one can quicken the rate in which the muscles fully recover from the workout, so you can exercise them again. A quicker recovery rate also means you can grow more muscles in a shorter period of time. So, question is: how can you influence the rate of recovery that your body undertakes?

Meet the Glutamine Amino Acid

The glutamine amino plays a very big role in your body’s muscle recovery rate. Glutamine is almost single-handedly responsible for the repair process of the body, since it is one of the most abundant non-essential amino acid in the body. However, glutamine is also used during exercises including bodybuilding. When the body is too stressed, it tends to deplete the body’s glutamine stores for use as calories, leaving little or none at all for the muscle tissue repair that follows soon after.

If you want to hasten your body’s muscle repair process, you would have to take an L-glutamine supplement. Having ample stores of the amino acid in your body, you can make sure that the body has a lot of amino acids to use for calories and a lot left for it to build the damaged muscles with. This prevents the body from cannibalizing its own muscles to produce calories, a state which is called the catabolic state. The body will lose more muscles than you build up in this state, so you would want to avoid this.