How to Get Washboard Abs – Understanding The Body Physiology and Exercises For Better Results

About Washboard Abs

‘Washboard abs’ is a term term has developed in the recent years and signifies the cuts and shape of a rugged abdomen. It means that the abs are so worked out that these six pack can actually be used to wash clothes on them just like a washboard. Comparisons apart, the fact is that everybody nowadays is interested in learning how to get washboard abs. The good news is that these abdominal muscles are already present in all of us. The bad news is that they are covered by layers and layers of fat.

Now, anybody who knows how to get washboard abs, will tell you that it is the fat that needs to be done away with at first, in order to achieve a set of six-pack and the real is question is how. There are a lot of commercials that tell you about various kinds of contraptions and belts that can do the work for you. However, when you are aware that, in the first place, their appearance was due to your laziness, your efforts are now going to concentrate on removing these tires from the belly. Exercises and diets apart, it is also necessary to know what you are doing and how it is going to affect your body.

Understand Your Body

Before you can go ahead and understand how to get washboard abs, you need to comprehend the structure of your body. While most people do not want to accept it, insufficient physiological knowledge coupled with the wrong notion about exercises has landed many into the vicious circle of empty promises made by a majority of exercise equipment manufacturers and online programs. The abdominal muscles are a set of three different muscle groups known as the upper, lower, and the oblique. Hence, it is necessary to concentrate your effort on each part separately to yield appropriate results.

The absolute ignorance about the exact extent of the so-called abdominal muscles is another factor of contention. While a six-pack is visible in the front, its existence is a reminder of the presence of an equally strong muscular area at the back, just above the hip region. Hence, if you want to learn how to get washboard abs, and retain them, you will have to look at exercising these hip regions also.

Complete Exercises

The answer to washboard abs is not doing routines specific to this region alone. Instead, it is about working over the body generally in order to get the right results. The fact is that your abdomen is the one place where flab can be seen due to the lack of any structural bones, as in the case of the pelvic or the ribs’ region. However, that does not mean that all fat depositions take place exclusively in this region. Therefore, the only plausible solution to removing the flab from the abdomen in your quest for washboard abs, is to undertake a holistic regime that targets all parts of your body.

Hence, the whole outlook on getting washboard abs, must be based on exercises that first increase your stamina, and then your strength. The stamina increasing routines will further help you in your endeavor to add strength to certain areas by increasing your cardiovascular output to match the kind of efforts necessary to get a six-pack. The strength exercises done for various parts of the body will ensure that you do not loose only fats but also make up that area with some pumped up muscles.